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For Early Childhood Educators, meeting the individual and group needs of children can be demanding. They don't always feel confident to understand and address specific behaviors, support children's emotional self-regulation, and work as a team. And as a director, you may not always know the best way to bring about the changes you'd like to see. The PECE program can help you foster the ideal high-quality childhood education environment for children in your care.

How PECE fits your needs

By giving your educators access to simple, practical strategies and tools, you can build their confidence and competence and improve children's emotional self-regulation. Further coaching helps them refine their skills. As part of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®, PECE has been shown to strengthen social-emotional learning, and problem-solving skills. It all adds up to a more motivated, happier, more satisfying workplace.

Which PECE is right for me?

Personal PECE


  • Online learning at your own pace, available 24/7
  • Builds on your skills to meet children's needs and help them regulate their emotions
  • Gives you strategies to improve communication with colleagues and parents
  • Research shows improvement in confidence, personal wellbeing and job satisfaction

"It's not just the child's life path we're talking about; it's the educator's career path as well."

“This program affects how people see themselves in the world. If a child thinks (and the other children also see) that they don’t fit in or are always in trouble, they can start to believe that’s the truth…We can fundamentally change the way a child sees themselves as a learner, in the world, and also fundamentally change the way an educator sees a child, and the way an educator sees themselves.” – Mel Comerford, Director at Astute Early Years Specialists

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