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A proven program for you and your staff: PECE for teams

The PECE (Positive Early Childhood Education) program has been thoroughly researched and evaluated, including in a randomized controlled trial. The results? Not just significantly less disruptive behavior, but also increased job satisfaction, less stress at work, and better teamwork.

A happier team…who stay in the job!

We don't have to tell you that stressed, overwhelmed educators don't just burn out; ongoing conflict and distress can also start to affect the whole workplace. PECE for teams will empower you and your staff so everyone feels confident, supported, motivated.
"I can't wait to get to work every day," is an actual educator quote!

Staff who cooperate more easily with each other, and with you

When your team have all completed their online PECE modules and you're able to coach them to put them into practice, everything's so much easier. You're all on the same page; not only consistent in what you do, but in how you talk about it to each other, to children, and with parents.

Giving children a key life skill, using a proven program

People talk a lot about emotional self-regulation, but do your educators know the best ways to support children to develop this life skill—one that's so important to their future? With your support and your team’s new-found knowledge, you'll see the difference, and know you're making a difference.

How does it work?

4 online modules for educators

Each module = approx. 1 hour

2-day coach training for you

Professional training to help you support your team and teach them to problem-solve and increase confidence

Simple, practical, evidence-based strategies

Puts you and your team in line with global best-practice Early Childhood Education

Discount if you're already Triple P trained

Extend your skills if you're already trained to deliver Triple P to parents

Ongoing support

Help and information to keep you on track

Accreditation & certificate

Half-day assessment; quality-controlled by the University of Queensland (world Top 50 ranked)

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