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PECE: It'll change how you feel about your job

Meeting each child's individual needs, especially in a group setting, can feel overwhelming. But with the right strategies, based on years of research about what works, you can experience a whole new level of job satisfaction. It's not just about managing a child's behavior; it's about changing the dynamic between you and your co-workers, being able to support parents more, and enhancing your own personal and communication skills.

How PECE fits your needs

In just four online modules, you'll learn 22 strategies that are surprisingly simple to put into practice. Little changes can make a huge difference! And you can have confidence that the program is backed by research: PECE is underpinned by the same principles as the evidence-based, world-renowned Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®.

Which PECE is right for me?


Personal PECE


  • Online learning at your own pace, available 24/7
  • Builds on your skills to meet children's needs and help them regulate their emotions
  • Gives you strategies to improve communication with colleagues and parents
  • Research shows improvement in confidence, personal wellbeing and job satisfaction

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