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Proven programs to support parents and professionals

The PECE (Positive Early Childhood Education) program supports Early Childhood Educators and, combined with Triple P – Positive Parenting Program support for parents in your community, gives children their best chance for a great future.

Community-wide support for stronger, healthier families

Educators who've done the PECE program say they feel more confident to meet children's needs, handle challenging behavior, and build better relationships. Parents who do Triple P programs report being able to manage behavior without harsh discipline, and with less stress and less conflict.

Simple, evidence-based…and consistent

The PECE program has already had positive results in its first randomized controlled trial, and in six other ongoing evaluations. Triple P is one of the world's leading evidence-based parenting programs. Coordinated education for everyone (educators, directors and parents) about these skills and strategies helps create community-wide change, for adults as well as children.

Cost-effectiveness is just the beginning

Community PECE (incorporating Triple P) can be delivered using interactive, online learning, combined as required with in-person support. It's not just about lower costs now; it's about reducing social and mental health problems in the future. The result: your community reaps the benefits.

How does it work?

Online + in-person (PECE for teams)

Supporting early childhood staff and managers

Online + in-person options (Triple P for parents)

Skills and strategies backed by 35+ years of ongoing research

Practical learning tools

Videos, downloadable workbooks and interactive exercises

Simple, practical,

Your whole community using effective, well-researched parenting + early childhood education programs

Ongoing support

Implement effectively, with our guidance

Help to reach your whole community

An integrated communication strategy

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Help create a generation who make the most of their academic ability and contribute positively to society. We can support you to create community-wide change by rolling out the PECE program to Early Childhood Educators, and Triple P to parents, in your region in the most cost-efficient way. Every community's different, so please talk to your local PECE team for more information: