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Join respected academic Dr. Shawna Lee as she talks about why early childhood educators need more support. You'll hear in easy-to-understand terms the educational and psychological basis of the PECE Program. And you'll see how, whether you're an experienced educator or just starting out, this program can really help you, and all the children you work with.

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About Shawna Lee, Ph. D.

Shawna Lee has a background in children's mental health and early childhood education, specializing in the emotional health of children and also the people interacting with them in early education and care settings. Through her study of and research into educational psychology, she became involved in evaluating the Triple P parenting program designed especially for early childhood educators: PECE. She led the first randomized-controlled trial of PECE in childcare centres in Alberta, Canada, which began in 2013. Now, PECE is being used and tested in many countries and continents, and ….it's WORKING!

The first program that I have seen that is foundational… [It's] for everybody, it is for every child, every educator…it creates a common approach that can solve so many of the problems I see in my work.
Mel Comerford, Director

Astute Early Years Specialists
(Consultants to Early Childhood Education sector)

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