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A proven program, especially for Early Educators: PECE

The PECE (Positive Early Childhood Education) program has been thoroughly researched and evaluated, including in a randomized controlled trial. The results? Not just significantly less disruptive behavior, but also increased job satisfaction, less stress at work, and better teamwork.

Be more confident, less stressed, and love your job!

Sure you love working with children, but let's face it, being an Early Childhood Educator isn't easy! Educators who've done the PECE program say they feel more prepared and supported to meet children's needs and address challenging behavior.

Confidently respond to each child's emotional needs

In a group setting, and especially where different children have very specialized needs, you can feel overwhelmed. PECE offers you particular skills and strategies to respond to each child in a way that supports them, while you stay calm and confident.

Better communication (with children, co-workers and parents)

You've got enough to do without workplace drama or difficult interactions with families. PECE gives you tips and techniques to make communication consistent, easier and more effective, and increase cooperation and support in the workplace.

How does it work?

4 online modules

Each module = approx. 1 hour

22 strategies to support you

Skills to help you prevent problems and enhance children's development

Video learning

Easy-to-digest information and examples

Interactive activities

Embed learning with fun exercises

Workbook and certificate

Print your personal customized, workbook and completion certificate

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Skills you can apply to work, and your whole life!

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